Cockroaches are the most commonly reported insect pests around the world owing to their fast rates of reproduction and ability to find food and water without much trouble. So, even if you keep your house as clean as possible, there’s still a chance that you might have roaches lurking around. In most cases, they can go by unnoticed as they don’t want anything to do with you as much as you don’t want anything to do with them. However, it is best to deal with them ASAP as they can easily cause health problems such as allergy and asthma symptoms as a result of inhaling cockroach skin and waste. If you do spot a roach or two, it is best to contact AusWide instead of trying to deal with them on your own. The main reason behind this is the fact that you risk dispersing them all around your house if you decide to use bug spray or something similar.

There are roughly 4500+ species of cockroaches around the world with three being the most common ones found in Victorian homes. They are known to be carriers for a number of diseases apart from the ones caused by their skin and waste so it is absolutely essential to keep in mind that if you spot one or two of them, there’s a high chance there are a lot more in your house and that you call us instead of trying to kill them on your own.

Identifying Cockroach types

German – German cockroaches choose to live and breed indoors, especially in areas with access to water such as kitchens and bathrooms. Hardest to control and you need professional help to control this type of cockroaches. Their knockdown requires a thoroughly inspection and control using different methodologies.

American – these are the biggest species of cockroaches that homeowners have to deal with. They prefer living in cool damp areas such as basements, or occasionally kitchens, but they usually like to live and breed outdoors near bushes and trees

Australian – are not a native specie despite their name. They usually habitat in garden and debris around building. Normally, they enter the building during nighttime.

Oriental – Oriental cockroaches are the ugliest kind you’ll encounter with a dark brown or black color and they love cool, damp areas. They are also the type you should be most concerned about because they love feeding on trash and spreading disease.

What you can do

There are a few steps you can take that will help prevent an infestation from happening or, in the case that there are already signs of an infestation, spreading further. Firstly, make sure to check easily accessible narrow spaces around the house for roach activity. These include but are not limited to behind and under refrigerators and sinks, inside dark drawers and cabinets, narrow cracks where your walls meet the floor or those near your windows etc. Secondly, seal as many of these cracks especially those near areas which are warm and have access to water. Thirdly, do not let trash of any kind stay in your house for too long as these are prime breeding spots for cockroaches. Lastly, if you do see signs of cockroaches, make sure to put a few sticky traps in all the locations where you suspect that cockroaches might be hiding in.

What we cover

Our General Pest Control service covers all cockroach issue except German Cockroaches.

German Cockroach infestation is covered as separate service and we specialize in their control. We offer a guaranteed control over German Cockroaches and follow-up visits if required are covered within the cost of first knockdown.