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Spiders are probably the first thing that pop up in people’s heads when they think of insects in Australia. Arachnophobia, which translates to a phobia of spiders, is a very common fear and there is a general concern over spider species being deadly. This is usually coupled with the notion that spiders actively seek out to bite humans. However, rest assured that spiders are just as afraid of us, if not more. While they do tend to bite humans, most spiders do so out of fear. They don’t have a strong incentive to bite humans. Spiders use their fangs and venom to feed and using them on a human doesn’t make too much sense since they can’t feed on them afterwards.

While most spiders are harmless and should not be a cause for concern, do reach out to AusWide Pest Control to discuss a potential spider infestation and to get a free quote. If you start seeing multiple webs in the same spots, you might also want to probe further as spiders tend to build webs where they can find an abundance of food. This could be a sign of a potential infestation by an insect other than the spiders you are seeing and is also why you should reach out to AusWide so you can discuss the issue with our experts.

Lastly, while most spiders are harmless and mind their own business, there are a few species such as the Redback that you need to be vary of. Bites from most venomous spiders will rarely prove fatal but it is imperative that you get immediate medical attention in case you get bitten by one.


Spiders generally enter homes in search of warmth so do not be alarmed if you see one or two spiders when you turn on the heat in the winters. Having spiders in the house is generally a non-issue so leaving them alone and going about your day is definitely an option. But if you or someone in your house is afraid of spiders, if what you’re dealing with is a larger infestation or if the spiders pose a bite risk, it is advisable that you reach out to us instead of dealing with it on your own.


  • Make sure there are no gaps through which the spiders can enter such as those under doors or in the walls, especially where the walls connect to the ceiling and floor
  • Make sure you decrease moisture by not letting surfaces stay damp for too long and ensuring that your attics and crawlspaces are well-ventilated
  • Vacuum regularly, especially behind and under furniture and cupboards
  • Eliminate places where they can hide such as compost piles, garbage, firewood and large opened boxes (seal them with tape)


In Victoria, if you spot Redback spiders, it is advisable to get professional help for General Pest Control of your property. At AusWide Pest Control, we make sure to use top brand, safe chemicals for your protection. Process includes an external blanket spray using Biflex Ultra by FMC (Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin) or Cislin 25 by BAYER (Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin), internal spot spraying using Temprid 75 (Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid & Beta-Cyfluthrin) and roof dust using Star Dust Pro (Active Ingredient: Permethrin) or Coopex Dust by BAYER (Active Ingredient: Permethrin) where required.

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