Pantry Pests Can Be Hectic Sometimes

Holiday season is approaching, so are our gatherings and family cooking season. You have to take out your crockery and stuff and while doing so you may come across these pantry pests who love to invade our kitchens. These pests are mostly attracted to our kitchens due to their survival on grains, like beans and flours, cereals and processed foods, spices and even nuts. Pests usually don’t pick to eat, they only find food to survive, therefore our open packages of these foods are like a heaven to them. Auswide pest control is famous for dealing with all kinds of pest infestation, especially wood borer pest control.

Spot The Infestation

You can come across a bug or a  beetle or two in an area of the kitchen where you don’t even store food and it’s not alarming at all. Bugs like hidden and warm places to survive but if you see them on the counter or floor near your pantry, or by a window  you should panic a little because it can be an early sign of infestation. We don’t recommend you to deal with pantry infestation on your own because there can be risks involved. You can consult a pest control company, they will do a thorough inspection and will help you get rid of these bugs.


Well prevention is always better than the cure therefore you must regularly check your kitchen and have it cleaned to not get these pests in the first place. Also try to store your pantry stuff in jars where the pests can’t get in easily.

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