What Causes Woodworms

There are many reasons which can cause woodworms but it’s better to be cautious and have prevention before. Many wood borer pest control

 companies like Auswide pest control offer multiple services to help you get rid of them permanently. Following are the causes of woodworms.

Flying Insects

As many people don’t know wood boring beetles are flying insects. They can fly and come and you won’t know about it. They can come through open doors and windows. Their flying is limited to some extent but surely, they can come inside.

Their Longevity

Wood worms are mostly attached to purchase furniture. There is a high possibility that when you bought a certain piece of wood it was already infected or was in the company of infected woods that’s why it has worms in it. And not only this bringing it home will destroy your other furniture as well so be careful while buying.


Wood-boring beetles need a certain amount of humidity in wood to thrive. Even Death Watch Beetle (DWB) the most deadly people can’t thrive if the wood loses its humidity. All wood-boring beetles including deadly ones will decline if we maintain dry conditions in certain places and keep ventilation.

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