Why Natural Pesticides Are Best for You?

Many people believe that natural methods of pest control include no pesticide. But it is not true because for pest control and wood borer pest control or even carpet beetle infestation in walls you need a certain type of product to get rid of. The basic difference between a chemical and natural method is the organic pesticides have chemicals that occur naturally and the chemical pesticides use chemicals that are synthetically man-made. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of natural pesticide use.

Advantages of Natural Pesticides

There are many reasons why people opt to use natural pesticides. The important one is these natural pesticides are kinder to the environment. You can use these organic products and reduce pollution as well as you won’t affect the environment with chemicals that will ultimately affect your family as well as chemicals that have toxic elements.

Another advantage is pests can’t develop resistance to an organic pesticide so they are effective for the long term. Once introduced to the environment you can stay tension-free for a long time.

Disadvantages of Natural Pesticides

Using a natural pesticide can be time-consuming because it’s not possible to kill an entire range of pests with it overnight.  It’s not completely chemical-free. An organic pesticide also has some naturally occurring chemicals in them. While you take care of a certain area using a natural pesticide it may spread to other areas as well.

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