Drowning Ants In Water Is No Good!

One of the most common insects that everyone has once seen or even touched is an ant. From childhood, we have been given examples of being fiery and assembled like ants as they always move in line, share food and never stop. This was good to hear but now when you see a line of ants it is more to worry about because ants do not survive alone they usually build a colony first then settle. And if you’re infested with ants you must consult an expert from fumigation and pest control services. He will guide you better on how to.

A Myth To Control Ants

If you ask your ancestors they will tell you a very common method to get rid of ants yourself, that is by drowning them or using water to kill them, but voila, do you know that these ants can survive in water? Different species of ants take different times to drown in water and can take up to weeks or days. Even in the flood these ants together make a raft-like shape and take their queen to another place by floating so you think water is going to affect them?

Body Structure

The body of ants is designed in such a way that they have tiny holes in their body known as spiracles. As long as these openings get enough oxygen they will survive. They can freely float on water. Their body is designed in such a way that using cold or hot water won’t have an impact. It is just messy and ineffective. In this way, you may kill a few but won’t solve the problem of ants infestation.  Consult a fumigation and pest control company like Auswide, they will come to your home and will help you get rid of these ants professionally.

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