Have You Heard About Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

Well if you haven’t heard about it, an ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic device out of which high pitched sound at a precise frequency emits which claims to kill, discomfort, or drive away household pests. As the name and working suggest it seems a better and easier choice and that’s how they market their products. But wait, experts at fumigation and pest control services do not agree with this. They claim that these devices do not work even though the Federal Trade Commission has been warning all the consumers about these ultrasonic pest control devices for many years now because the manufacturers do not have enough scientific evidence for this product that is required to back up their claims of effectiveness.

How It Works

You usually buy the device and simply plug it into an electrical outlet. Some may use batteries in an area where there is no electric outlet. When we plug this device or turn it on it starts to emit a high-pitched vibration that we can’t hear.

Does It Work?

Many claims that these devices are useless or even if they work they have very short effectiveness. Studies have also proved that these devices instead of controlling pests disturb them and resultantly they irritate us more then. If you want to get rid of pests professionally we recommend you consult a pest control company like Auswide. They are famous for pest control and termite treatment.

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