Habits Of Conehead Termites

Conehead termites are very unique and equally dangerous as well. You can get rid of them by consulting termites experts, if you’re from Melbourne, termite treatment Melbourne is done by Auswide, they are fumigation experts and know their job well. These dangerous termites not only make tunnels but also like ants they forage on the grounds and in any environment. They build dark mud tubes from their nest to the feeding point to travel safely. You can find these along the sides of a wall or joints of bricks. These termites also create nests on trees and wooden structures. These nests are not small. They can be seen with the naked eye as they are up to 3 feet. If you want to spot it these nests look like a mud carton. They don’t keep their nests open, they create them hundreds of feet away from the colony.  Due to this property, they remain undetected for a long.

Threat They Impose

These termites can live off anything from shrubs, trees, cellulose, food leftover. These are undetectable so they easily cause millions of damage without your attention. These termites are not directly harmful to human beings as they do not sting or bite or carry disease but they work in large colonies and move to new places as soon as they are done damaging. They have a high reproductive rate as well. You must consult a termite control agency. They do a thorough inspection first then adopt a method to get rid of them.

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