Have You Heard of Conehead Termites?

Florida is the place you can choose to live if you love living among insects, animals, and many plants. Conehead termites were originally known as the “tree termite,” due to their thriving on eating wood. But when people found out they don’t live only on trees, they named it “Conehead Termites”. The name is also chosen due to their cone-like structure of the head. And this species is only found in Florida among many other unique creatures. If you live in Melbourne, termite treatment Melbourne can easily be done by Auswide, which is a pest control company. They are famous for termite treatment in Melbourne.

Sign Of Their Infestation

If you want to look out for termites yourself, you can look for their nests, as if nests are present, they will be present as well. You can distinguish between normal termites and conehead termites by their cone head shape. Which differentiate them from others. You can see them with human eyes as they are not very tiny. You can also look for mud tubes on walls and grounds. Or you can call a pest control company and they will do a thorough inspection of your place and then decide the kind of treatment you require to get rid of them.


To prevent the infestation of these pests at your place you must keep your house clean. You should look for corners and darker areas in your home, this is where they live. Try to seal all the cracks to avoid inviting them through them. Also, keep your doorway clean of old wooden pieces and mud piles.

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