Wasps And Hornet And How To Control Them

Wasps are beneficial for the ecosystem but can also be a threat to human health. Every year around 50 to 100 people die from wasp stings. This happens because some people are allergic and die due to an allergic reaction to the venom of wasp within even one hour of the sting. If we look around the world only 1 percent of the total population is allergic to bee and wasp venom. Those allergic people should be taken to the doctor immediately and can at home carry epinephrine kits. To increase knowledge fumigation experts have discovered there are two main types of wasps, social, and solitary wasps. Wasps like other pests hide during the winter months and protect themselves and come out in summers. If you have excessive of them at your home or near your home and you have the danger of them attacking you must immediately seek help from fumigation and pest control services.


You can consult a fumigation and pest control service or buy wasp control sprays from any pest control store and do it yourself by following the below techniques.

You can directly spray on bushes or where you see their nest.

While spraying you must wear protective gloves, a bee hat, eyewear and cover yourself properly.

These wasps can build another nest, therefor only disposing of their nest won’t solve the problem, look for their activity and spray all the area.

At night, spraying proves to be more functional as queen and all the wasps are present. You shouldn’t put the light directly on them it will scatter them. just spray on them directly or on their nest.

Pest control companies do the daytime treatment as well but they are well informed and well equipped for their activities. Auswide is a fumigation and pest control service. They will do a thorough inspection of your home and then determine the kind of treatment you need. Along with wasps control, termite control they control various pests.

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