How Calcium Cyanide and Sulfuryl Fluoride is Effective in Termite Control

Calcium Cyanide

Cyano gas known as calcium cyanide has proven an effective and economical fumigant for pest control in grounds and larger areas for all types of pests, mostly house flies and bugs and insects, etc. Fumigation and pest control services usually apply the calcium cyanide as a dust cloud thrown horizontally and vigorously. To use calcium cyanide In homes is not usually encouraged as there are humans and pets and it is harmful to them so it is not dusted in homes rather a thin film on papers placed in several parts of the room to get rid of pests. Night fumigations are more convenient and are usually more effective in termite control.

Sulfuryl Fluoride

This gas is applied as a pressurized liquid gas by fumigation experts. It is used for the control of pests in residential areas like in homes and places where we store our stuff.  It is employed in the structures as a gas intended to fill all void air spaces in the area and penetrate cracks in the wooden furniture and pores in the wood. As it is a gas It penetrates materials very quickly and dissipates during the ventilation process. To make it effective, it must be contained for a sufficient period as well; therefore, you must hire a termite control company like Auswidepestcontrol to get rid of these termites quickly and safely. As it is a toxic chemical, sulfuryl fluoride can cause severe skin irritation and burns when in a liquid state is exposed to you. Therefore the area must be cleared before sulfuryl is exposed.

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