Know Everything About Termite Baits

What are they?

For termite treatment or termite control, termite baits are very effective. Termite baits consist of cardboard, paper, or other acceptable termite food, which is combined with a slow-acting substance that is lethal to termites and also disrupts the normal growth process in termites. Within just the weeks of ingesting the bait, these termites die while attempting to molt. Make sure you buy the bait that is good enough to compete with the presence of competing woodpiles, tree roots, stumps, and structural wood. If the bait you’re using kills too quickly, this is not good too because sick or dead termites may accumulate in the vicinity of the bait stations and other termites will avoid it by seeing this.

Where To Install Them?

You need some experts from termites to control companies to do so because some bait stations are installed in the yard below ground out, and others are around feeding sites. So a good knowledge of it is required. Auswide is a reliable company you can consider for installation. A bait station is generally a hollow plastic cylinder that has slits along the sides entrance for termites. Termites reuniting with their nestmates in the soil by a tunnel through and out of the perforated tube. By this, they leave behind a colony scent that promotes other termites to join them as well. These Stations are placed into augured holes deep in the ground. These stations can be placed on driveways, and other paved surfaces as well if they don’t use large space.

Old Methods

Until recently, The old methods of termite control were being used which was by using large amounts of toxic chemicals which affected the surroundings as well. Now new techniques have taken place like baiting systems which are the most promising way to replace barrier treatments. Termite baits are a whole new effective and different concept. This approach, with only small amounts of toxic material, knocks out populations of termites foraging in and around the structure easily.

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