Know Everything About Wall Foaming

Termite control is not easy, sometimes you even have to get help from professionals as well. Here at Auswide, we provide a variety of services for termite protection. Termiticides are readily available in the market and they have Most termiticides have specific instructions on how to perform wall foaming on their labels. The specific termiticide is mixed with a foaming agent to make it foam using a liquid Termiticide. To make it you have to mix the normal amount of termiticide with a foaming agent. The foam depends on the hardness of the water, so you need to experiment yourself to find a ratio to get a shaving cream consistency foam to use.

Using A Wall Foam:

Using foam termiticide is an excellent tool for wall voids and areas where you can’t do drilling through the cement or you can’t risk affecting the foundation as it is too. You can use foaming techniques here. The first drill in between wall studs then Fill the wall void with a layer of foam to penetrate woodwork,  studs and kill termites. You can use this technique for the entire length of the wall where termites are living. But in the case of  Dry wood Termites, then you should consult professionals because the foaming of the wall becomes more complex as the entire wall must be foamed evenly.

Next Step:

Termites are very stubborn pests. After you have made your home free from termites you need to adopt techniques to further prevent them from coming. This can be done with termite baiting. You can use a termite baiting system and by doing so you won’t be killing the localized termite infestation but it will help to secure your home from these termites. You should always use termite baiting after whatever methods you use to get rid of them from your home or workplace. 

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