Which Non-Repellent Termiticides is best to Get Rid of Termites

The newer technology for termite treatment has given us termiticides that are ‘non-repellent. Because of these non-repellent chemicals, termite control has become easier,  termites cannot detect the presence of chemicals in the soil, and this way they will enter a treated zone and become contaminated in it.  These termiticides are considered more useful, as when there is a gap in the treatment for termites they try to access the building, and while doing so they get unable to detect the areas of untreated soil.


It is widely famous and used for termite treatment. With Termidor, we can get 100% effectiveness against termites, and not only this it also provides termite colony elimination. Fipronil a very active chemical is the active ingredient it not only kills termites but it also has a transfer effect from worker termites to the colony, that is passed. Almost every pest control company like Auswide depends on it for pest control as it is a most toxic one.


It is a Chlorantraniliprole which was recently introduced for termite treatment, it is considered “Green” and is not very toxic. It has an effect of muscle paralysis on the termites. This is such a brilliant technique as it makes the termites stop eating wood. Altriset does not give the transfer effect that Termidor has but it proves that it has enough effect to eliminate the colonies close to structures. The “Green” makes it safe to use in homes, areas where you can’t use very toxic products.


Bora care is Sodium Borate; it is not for soil treatment, but wood treatment. It is in the form of boric acid, and you can apply it to the wood for a longer life

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