Dangerous Termites You Should Know About!

Termites are widely popular for their vast population. It is very difficult to have termite control techniques applied.  You can find these social pests with different types of castes and families, performing different tasks and living in the same mound. The queen is responsible for laying the eggs and the king fertilizes them, there is another hierarchy as well millions of sterile workers look after the nest. There is another kind which is worker termites. They are wingless, blind, and sterile. They are very important members of termites as they are responsible for collecting the food, and to take care of the young termites, and maintaining the nest. Then some soldiers’ termites protect the nest from predators. But termite protection methods are widely popular too! You can consult any termite control agency like Auswide to get rid of them. Three common species of them are as follow:

Dampwood Termites:

Dampwood termites live in decomposing wood or house or usually in damp and are brownish and have narrow oval bodies. As these termites mostly like to feed on very moist wood they can be spotted sometimes.

Drywood Termites:

They are popular as they are capable of building colonies by digging tunnels in wood, furniture, and frames. They are light brown and are usually found in dry wood. As the name suggests they do not need moisture to thrive.

Subterranean Termite:

Widely popular in colonies because of their vast population of around 2 million termites. These termites live in underground colonies and can also thrive above the ground; they have a cream brown color. These are larger in population and most destructive as well. Consuming large amounts of wood they are capable of destroying building foundations as well.

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