Know Everything About Formosan Termites

When dealing with termite infestation you should know everything about them. Termite protection can only be possible if you’re aware of what kind of termite you’re dealing with. Here at Auswide we can do that inspection for you and can help you get rid of them with help of termite baits or termite sprays etc.

Formosan Termites:

This termite species is characterized by large populations that depend on soil so if you have Formosan termite at your place you will find tube-like structures on walls that are connected to the soil.  As termites have a very vast population they are divided into casts: the reproductive, soldiers, and workers. The majority of the population are workers that are responsible for the acquisition of food. Formosan termites’ diet includes eating wood and fabric made from plants. They are sometimes beneficial as well because by eating dead trees, they can help our environment and make a good space for new plant life as well.


If working individually a single Formosan subterranean termite consumes the same wood as a single native subterranean termite, but because of working of large population size, their colony can cause even more structural damage in a shorter time. They eat the wood from inside and leave it hollow. You can recognize the wood products that are infested by tapping them with a hard object.


If you’re dealing with them at home make sure water drains away from your house. Also, you need to replace any damp wood in your home or even outside of your home. You can look for signs such as mud tubes, bubbling paints and can feel a hollowness.

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