How To Treat Carpenter Ant Infestation

You must have seen those movies in which some creepy ants attack the town and just get over everything. Yes, they do exist. A very clever and dangerous type of ant is the carpenter ant. They have gotten their name for their incredible nest-building quality. They make their nests in the wood. They do not consume the wood but chew it in a way to make passage to their nest, thus are difficult to get caught. This type of ants contains around 10000-20000 workers and colonies of more than 50000 ants. They even have a queen as termites do. Once they settle in a place for 2 years then they start to produce swarmers.

How To Spot Them

These ants are usually active in the evening in search of food,  they do this both inside the house and outside. You can look for them at night and see their trails to lay bait or use insecticide spray from Auswide pest control on these trails to control them. Auswide provides the best pest control services including ant control, wood borer control, and termite control, etc. Try to consult them instead of using these sprays directly because they might not instantly kill them but scatter them which is even worse.


You must practice prevention to not have them in the first place. You must trim all your trees and bushes regularly and take measures so these branches do not touch the house and most importantly have all the cracks sealed.

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