Learn How To Control Mosquitos

All kinds of pests in the larger population affect you. Therefore pest control companies have fumigation experts which offer fumigation and pest control services to be able to control them or get rid of them. Auswide is one of them. you can rely on them completely to get rid of these pests.

Mosquito Control

We can divide the controlling of mosquitoes into two areas, individually and publicly. It is handled publicly by fumigation experts using the  Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) technology. IMM is based on economic, ecological, and social criteria to use such methodologies for pest management strategies that are not only practical but are effective to protect the environment and public health as well. IMM uses the following methods:

  • Digging: experts dig ditches and ponds to reduce the source.
  • biological control: Gambusia mosquito fish are placed in those ponds and ditches to eat larvae thus reducing their population.
  • Predators: introducing predators, life bats, dragonflies, and frogs to eat the population of mosquitoes.


These methods are used after a thorough investigation is made to find larvae, adulticides. There are many insecticides introduced by Auswide which you can use to get rid of mosquitoes at your place individually. There are sprays and toxic powdered substances which can be used to kill these pests instantly. But one must keep in mind that only insecticides that are labeled for flying insects should be sprayed into the air. You can achieve results by closing the doors and windows for 10-15 minutes and later open them when insecticides die.

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