Know Everything About Integrated Pest Management

Due to excessive use and abuse of pesticides insects and pests were starting to develop resistance against it. It was discovered in 1950. After this Environmentalists became concerned about the destruction these pesticides are causing to the environment as well. Therefore they proposed a solution to manage these pests and was named integrated pest management. Nowadays many pest control companies use it including AusWide which provides remarkable services to control pests including termite control, wood borer pest control, and many such services.

Integrated Pest Management

It is an effective environmentally safe approach that is a combination of more than one practice to control or manage pests. IPM programs use vast knowledge on pests than by keeping in mind current and wide-ranging information on the life cycles of the pest, their history and interaction with the environment they manage pests and the damage they cause that too with the least possible hazard to people and our environment.

Monitoring And Prevention

In monitoring the pest control committee first monitor and gather data about the population of it. If the population is not big enough to cause damage then control is not necessary. If it is big enough to put threats then appropriate pest control strategies are used. Prevention is always better than cure therefore pest control applies such preventions to not regret later. If you’re living in a house or building you must seal cracks and gaps that are the perfect way for pests to enter your home. After exclusion, you must take appropriate steps to make your home less friendly for pests like taking care of old boxes and food storage spaces. These practices are a vital part of IPM.

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