Pests In Basement And to Control Them

A Moist, dark, and hidden place is the best home to insects. They love to make underground colonies in these places, especially like termites, they will feast on the structural wood of your basement and destroy it completely. They can come to your basement through the cracks and open windows and settle here. Just like termites, other creatures like rodents, cockroaches also love to make the basement their home. They can enter your house through utility pipes and floor drains and will spread different diseases. Termite treatment in Melbourne can be done by any pest control company. They will come and do a thorough inspection of your home and will help you to get rid of any kind of pests. Auswide is famous for treating termites in Melbourne. You can also consult them.


If you want to have a nice and clean basement first you need to get rid of excessive moisture and hidden shelter.

  • ●        Make a routine to clean your basement too.
  • ●        Repair any leaks or cracks which can cause insects to get attracted. You need to remove any decaying item like wooden furniture which can be food for termites. We will recommend you to not use cardboard boxes as pests can get inside them and ruin your stuff.
  • ●        Try using plastic bins for storing items and also try to get sunlight once a week here so the bacteria die.

You can also use different termite control and pest control sprays from auswide website and regularly spray to stay safe from them.

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