Unique Pest Infestation; Mayfly

Pests due to their smaller size and very fast activity can infest your home within no time. Just like a termite infestation, these pests may not pose serious harm but they can bring various diseases and viruses with them. If you’re treating termite Melbourne infestation, you can consult any termite treatment Melbourne pest control service, they will help you get rid of them completely and other pests as well.


These Mayflies are not flies as their name suggests, they are elongated, slender insects with antennae, and two sets of wings, and six legs. The unique part is they can have two or three tails as well, and that took longer for their body. Just like any other insects they have different species as well that vary in size. Mayflies can be 1-30 mm long.


You do not have to worry these Mayflies cannot bite or sting but as they are very attracted to light, they can result in swarms around the light and may scare some people. If they are in very huge numbers they can affect the visibility as well. Not a very serious disease but they may carry some allergies. You can prevent them by not turning on light in a darker area at night especially in your lawn or terrace or you can use some pest repellant sprays.

If these pests get very large in the number you can simply consult Auswide. It is a pest control service that helps you to get rid of these pests professionally.

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