Unique Pest Infestation; Millipedes

Millipedes can be found throughout the world, they have around 1,000 species occurring alone in the United States. These multiple leg insects can be easily found in the high moisture areas and where vegetation is decaying or piles of leaves. They do not like to invade your home but can occasionally come to look for food in your home. They can live in damp basement or crawlspace yet they are not very harmful to human beings. Still, if you feel like getting rid of them you can consult  Auswide pest control company. They are famous for their termite control, wood borer pest control, and controlling different species of pests in your home.


These tiny worms like insects are not very harmful but few of them may give off an ill-smelling liquid through their openings. This liquid can be toxic to other animals like your pets or can cause small allergic blisters.


These insects love to live in a damp place so if you want to prevent all kinds of pests you need to reduce moisture in and around your home. There are several devices like dehumidifiers to get rid of excessive moisture. You can also keep your lawns mowed so the grass doesn’t capture enough moisture. In your house, you should use properly functioning gutters to keep water away from your floors and foundation wall. Most importantly fix your poor drainage. This can be the root cause for the invasion of many pests. Repair and cracks and leaks, especially in the water pipes.

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