Unique Pest Infestation; Ladybugs

Most people are familiar with ladybugs. They are also called lady beetles. Most species of Ladybugs are known for their benefits but some are a nuisance as well due to overwintering structure. This small pest has over 475 species in states alone. Any insect in abundance is creepy and annoying for you and a large number can’t be just gone away easily therefore there are different pest control companies like Auswide pest control, they come into your house, do a thorough inspection and get rid of particular pests professionally. Whether it is wood borer pest control, termite control, or whatever insect you’re dealing with. They will help you get rid of it.


This small species of pest which is red, orange, yellow, brown or shiny black usually with various markings including dark spots do not pose a health threat to humans as many children love to play with them in parks too but some people having allergy or asthma can be aggravated by their presence. They also leave a yellow-colored fluid which causes a foul smell. 


The only most effective way to get rid of them is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place, you can do so by sealing the cracks, pipes, and windows. You can repair damaged doors and windows. You can use a vacuum cleaner if there are not many. You can use different pest repellant sprays to have them killed. And also keep your house, especially the kitchen clean.

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