Unique Pest Infestation; Rollie Pollie

On our series of unique pests, we must introduce you to the pill bug, commonly known as rollie pollies. This bug spends all its life on land. These small creatures can get smaller by rolling into a tight ball, this is how they got their name. you can find them everywhere in the world. As we know that any insect in abundance causes disturbance in our life let alone the creepy environment we get because of them. you can always consult a pest control company to get rid of them. Auswide pest control company is famous for pest control, wood borer control, termite control and they do it professionally after doing a thorough inspection of your home.


If you’re curious how you got them in the first place they enter your home through doors, as they only travel land to land. If you see a pill bug in your home it means that it has a large family outside as well. These bugs are not known to bite or cause allergy or spread disease but they can cause damage to your home garden or plants you have.


It is very hard for a pillbug to survive without moisture and food in your home so first, you need to take care of all the leftover food you have in your kitchen. Then you should look for things they live on like grass or leaves and you can spray them with pesticides. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them if you see them crawling inside your home but if the infestation is big and they are larger in number you should call us to get rid of them professionally.

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