Unique Pest Infestation; Silverfish

On today’s episode of unique pest infestation, I have brought you silverfish, a unique and occasional invader of your home. These pests can be found in humid, dark, and moist areas of the home which includes basements, attics, and bathrooms. This insect fears humans therefore it tends to hide in the presence of humans and makes it more difficult to spot. This insect gets its name from its silver and metallic appearance and movement like a fish. It has three long tails and therefore sometimes is also known as bristletail. They are widely popular and are found occasionally in everyone’s home. This doesn’t harm human beings but can damage different things therefore if they are found in abundance in your home you must immediately call a pest control company like Auswide pest control company. They are famous for pest control and wood borer pest control


Silverfish are not considered as a threat to humans but can be a nuisance, as they do not bite or spread disease but are found in our basement and attics. These insects are known to harm our belongings such as wallpaper, books, sometimes wood. They can also be found in flour and rice and oats so one must be careful in the pantry of these.


Like every other pest control, one must look for the factors which let these insects stay peacefully in our homes in such moist and dark environments. You must seal open cracks and mend the broken windows and attics. You should keep your pantry and house clean of any leftover items. Also if you think that infestation is out of control of yourself you can always consult Aus-wide. They will do a thorough inspection of your home and will get rid of them professionally.

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