Extreme Summer Is Perfect For Insects!

Summer is our favorite season mainly because we get to do outdoor activities like beach parties, BBQs, camping, and other activities. You have noticed that this season is also a favorite of bugs. You can see wasps, mosquitoes, and termites more than in winters and must be thinking why so? Well, any kind of pest infestation can be eliminated by consulting a pest control company like Auswide pest control, they are famous for termite control, wood borer control, and all kinds of pest control as well.

Why Are There More Bugs In The Summers?

 Okay so back to our question: why do insects love summer like us? That’s mainly because insects are “cold-blooded”. And being cold-blooded they are unable to act fast in winters and this makes them more active in warm temperatures. In winters they tend to hide in their homes and in summers they come out to prey and find food.

Weather For Insects

We mammals have this tendency to survive in both hot and cold weather. We can even survive extreme weather conditions but insects don’t operate this way. Summer makes them more active and healthy therefore they reproduce more. But high temperature dries out the fluid in insects and they die. The same is the case with lower temperatures. They run to their homes to hide because the extreme cold can kill them instantly. Auswide is an online pest control service, you can consult them if you have pest infestation at your place. They will do a thorough inspection and will get rid of them professionally.

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