What Do You Know About Fire Ants Queen?

The first question that arises in our mind is why is the fire ant queen called a queen? Well, the explanation is very simple, the whole reproduction of fire ants depends upon the fire ants queen as only she is allowed to reproduce rest only work under her command.  She doesn’t have to forage for food as well. she is just there to reproduce and rule. All worker ants work under her command. Fire ants are already claimed to be dangerous by fumigation experts therefore if you get fire ants infestation at your place you can call any fumigation and pest control services, they will help you get rid of them professionally.

Is There Only One Queen?

No. not like a kingdom, fire ants colonies can have multiple queens as well as one. They are responsible for reproduction therefore to expand the colony one can have more than one queen. Following the process, these Fire ant queens first mate with male fire ants and produce thousands of eggs. These eggs are highly protected by the other female worker ants which are not born as queens. The ants which are born with wings fly away, females once become the queen and the male ones become the drones. 

Why Fire Queen Is Important?

Fire ant queen is a very important member of the colony. As we know, female worker ants are not allowed to reproduce, so when the queen dies, the rest of the colony can’t grow and survive. Ants keep on doing their duties but without reproduction, the colony eventually dies.

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